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Lesix Media traces its start back to 2007, when we met two school board candidates who needed some help. It wasn't your typical campaign volunteer role they needed help with. They needed to get the job done in all aspects of the campaign.

That moment is when this organization was born. Since that time, we’ve gone through some changes in the way we look and operate. We work with clients of all sizes, but we really do have a soft spot for those local candidates because of our initial history.

We had the privilege of working with upstarts who shocked the political class by winning a race that nobody gave them a chance in.

We worked with friends looking to challenge the insiders and defeat the incumbents who didn’t properly represent their interests. We’ve also worked with those that fought the good fight and still came up short.

Our mission is clear: Get good people elected to serve the communities they love.

We started in 2007 to fulfill that mission, and we continue with it today.

Latest Appearances

The Brian Nichols Show

I join Brian to discuss why candidates need to connect with people's issues and provide valuable solutions without anger, discussing the secrets behind successful political marketing campaigns and the importance of connecting with voters on a personal level.

Conservatives Talk

Rob joins Jamie Palmer and Justin Kelley to talk about digital strategies in the conservative movement. We can't simply sit on the sidelines as the digital world continues to change around us. When conservatives dominate digital, we win elections - that's just the truth!

Robert Lee

Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and now residing in Dallas, Georgia, Robert Lee founded Lesix Media in 2007 (initially as 2g Strategies). His vision was to bridge the strategic gap in conservative campaigns.

Under his leadership, the company has expanded, acquiring three mail houses, launching a digital agency, and earning the distinction of being one of the few AI-powered conservative consulting agencies in the nation.

With a rich blend of certifications in marketing and project management, Robert's expertise is unparalleled. His commitment to excellence was shaped by early experiences, notably a chaotic gubernatorial campaign in 2006, which solidified his resolve to bring order, strategy, and victory to Republican candidates.

Outside of his revolutionary work, Robert is a devoted family man and an avid soccer fan, supporting Tottenham Hotspur and Atlanta United. In a political landscape where passion often outpaces strategy, Robert Lee and Lesix Media stand as beacons of hope for conservative candidates seeking a clear path to victory.

The only way to know if we're a good fit is to have a chat. Let's talk for 30 minutes and see where the path leads.

Lesix Companies LLC

80 Seven Hills Drive, Suite 101 #103

Dallas, GA 30132

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