Stop wasting time on losing campaign strategies.

Conservative political campaigns waste too much time on strategies they don't understand and that don't win. You should never be told by a consultant "Just do what I say!" You are entitled to a strategy you can understand, implement, and see a path to victory with.

We won't waste your time. We won't waste your money. Move on the path to victory today and schedule your FREE alignment!

We are true campaign consultants.

The best political consultants in the world don't spend their time chasing the next campaign. They develop their skills, grow their capabilities, and have a broad understanding of production, marketing, messaging, and innovation that helps their candidates win. Quite simply, we're not a firm that is interested in chasing clients for a paycheck. We are only interested in doing the best work to win. Period.

Lesix Media is unmatched in our capabilities:

  • Digital Marketer Certified Partner

  • Lean and Six-Sigma certified

  • Full-Service USPS Mail Service Provider

The process is simple: build for victory.

The biggest mistake you can make with your campaign is taking a step before you're ready. Patience is a virtue. Taking the time to build a solid campaign strategy that you understand, is backed up by data, and gives you the clearest path to victory is a requirement. Every campaign challenge is unique, but our winning clients shared the following path to winning:

Step One: Alignment

We take the time to learn about one another, what your campaign goals are, and why you're running. From there, we start to build an understanding of what barriers stand in our way and how to overcome them. If your vision aligns with our capabilities, we start building a strategy.

Step Two: Development

Now is the time to start understanding your electorate, developing a campaign budget, and crafting a narrative that persuade people to vote for you. Our strategies are built to nurture more voters through the Voter Value Journey so you can be assured of victory on election day.

Step Three: Acceleration

This is the part where things get exciting, and if done correctly, the easiest part of the campaign. By this point, we've mapped out our path so precisely that all you have to do is accelerate and push as hard and as long as you can. You start cementing your victory against unprepared opponents.

Step Four: Victory

Winning candidates are often the ones that are the best prepared. We make sure that you aren't chasing votes in the final weeks. You should be turning out votes you know are already yours that you've spent months nurturing and securing. This is the moment where you strengths shine.

Don't hire the first consultant you talk to - even if it's us! Spend thirty minutes with us to see if we are a good fit.

We are the experts.

Lesix Media has operated for over fifteen years in conservative political campaigns. Not only that, we own a Full Service USPS direct mail facility, meaning you get wholesale prices without consulting markups. As well, we are a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, giving us unmatched expertise in both print and digital advertising for political campaigns.

  • Complete transparency. Your work isn't outsourced to a nameless third-party. We do the work at our production facility that we own and operate.

  • We are up to the challenge. We leverage the resources of the world's top marketing minds to deliver you best-in-class services aimed at building a winning campaign.

  • You're the owner. There is no haggling over who owns the assets. If you walk away, you're free to take the assets we develop with you and use how you see fit.

  • No long-term contracts. You get a straight up deal with no need to involve the lawyers. When you decide it's time, it's time. Period.

  • We all work hard. You don't need ego driven consultants. You deserve partners focused on your election victory. We stay honest, humble, and respect your time.

If you're thinking about running for office, there are a couple of things you need that cannot be easily replaced. One of those is work ethic, and the other is process. Rob and his team have both of those in spades."

Scot Turner / Executive Director, Eternal Vigilance Fund & former State Representative

Vertically integrated to fuel your victory.

We are not general consultants that mark up what we outsource. We own the printing equipment. We own the facility where your direct mail is produced. We have earned the qualifications to place your advertising buys. We aren't here to encourage you to spend money. We are here to fuel your victory.

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