These days we may find ourselves searching for something to do. Each move in a campaign should be calculated. We are questioning ourselves, “When do we announce?” or “When can I get started fundraising?” After those questions are answered and completed, you may find your thumbs twirling a bit. In our last article, we discussed the role of our candidates during this downtime season. In this article, we will discuss the role of consultants and what we should be doing during the slower parts of the campaign. It is so important to remember that this is a crucial time during the campaign season. 

Any good consultant has the responsibility of constantly improving themselves. This should not be the case only during the “busy” times, but also during the moments when you find yourselves coasting. I have often heard it said that the best athletes, consultants, and even people are made during the “off-season”. What exactly does this entail? How do we achieve this goal? You can achieve this by making calculated moves.

Building your brand isn’t achieved overnight. Once you’ve established a name for yourself in the industry, it is important to maintain and grow your audience for future success. How do you maintain and grow your audience at the same time? Keep in touch. Whether it is a phone call or a simple email, do not allow them to forget you, and the work you have put into building that relationship. Let them know that they are important enough for you to remember during the slower parts of the campaign. If you want to be successful when the next surge comes around, off-season strategy and execution is what will help you get there.

Getting better at your job when not in the fire is not only characteristic of a good consultant, it is something that is so valuable and shows who you are as a person. There is nothing wrong with taking a little breather after being in the heat, but don’t continue down that path. Human beings in general thrive when they have something or someone to motivate them. Working as a team and brushing up on skills during downtime is what is needed when election day rolls around. Setting goals and tasks around any potential training will ensure it holds everyone’s attention in the absence of regular work. Plus, getting your staff involved in team-based training can also be a great opportunity to encourage bonding and build a positive team spirit.

Ultimately, if you put training into effect during these slow times, you will see large, positive results in the heat. Be present, and put your clients’ needs first. It has always been said that games are won during the off-season. If you are striving to constantly improve yourself, you will constantly improve your campaign.