Springtime means new growth, not just for nature but for the grassroots of the Republican Party. From February until roughly June, the Republican grassroots activists assemble through their convention cycles. This is where we start the process of electing officers, delegates, and alternates from the county level to the district level, on to the state level. 

Here is a breakdown of the timeline: Every two years on odd years, officers, delegates, and alternates are elected. Every 4 years in Presidential election years, delegates and alternates are elected to go to the National Convention and the National Committeeman and Woman are elected from each state as well. In midterm election years, conventions are not held. 

This year is important because we are electing new leadership at all levels. It all starts at the county level during precinct caucus meetings. It is important to understand that the precinct is the smallest unit of the party structure. 

For counties with over 80,000 people, these meetings occur in February or March, the month before the convention. For counties with 80,000 people or less, these meetings are held in March or April, the same morning as the convention. During this time, each precinct from the county is represented. At the county convention, delegates and alternates are elected to go to the state convention and their respective congressional district conventions. During this time, county executive committee officers are also elected. District convention occurs approximately one month after the county conventions. This is where district officers are elected as well as state committee members. 

State convention is the final stage in the convention cycle and is typically scheduled for May or June. This year, we are electing the State Executive committee, which will serve a two-year term. The state convention is an exciting time with vendors’ booths, and where caucuses and organizations meet. It is also a great time for consultants to network and meet potential clients and vendors. 

Understanding the basic framework of the conventions is important. To find out more about the details of officer elections and the convention process, we have linked to the 9th District GOP website. This link details their rules, the State Party rules, and the RNC rules.  Every district and county has its own rules. It is important to know the basic structure of the rules is mostly the same but at the same time varies a great deal. Convention time for counties, districts, and the state are the times to vote to adopt rule changes and resolutions. The convention cycle truly reflects how the grassroots work from the smallest unit of the party, the precinct, up to the national level. This allows for people to have a chance to truly engage and be heard in the political process. These conventions are where your voice will be heard.