Our campaign and public affairs strategies are built on a simple premise: if you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing. Too many consulting plans operate on a model of the clients merely doing what they’re told to do. We dont operate that way. We create focused, effective plans that describe every bit of what you’re doing so that you can understand the value of your activities. More importantly, you can provide valuable feedback of when something isn’t working the way it is supposed to!

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting efforts combine the long experience of working in politics with our background in other economic sectors. Utilizing lessons of Lean and Six Sigma, we look for ways to ensure that your campaign budget is not wasted lining the pockets of your consultants and vendors. We look to build a comprehensive strategy that takes advantage of your strengths and limits the impact of your weaknesses. We stress the term “value” in everything we do, and we construct campaign plans that reflect that.

Digital Identity

Digital advertising is a requirement for any successful candidate, and systems are top of the line in delivering your content. In conjuction with industry leaders in digital platforms, we are able to specifically and broadly match your voters list to the person and the devices they use. The benefit of our approach is that we can target and segment your voters in very unique ways, including the suppression of voters who have already cast their ballot in the election.

Direct Mail and Branding

By joining with another member of the Lesix family of companies, Atlanta Business Circulators, we are able to deliver mail quickly and save you a tremendous amount of campaign dollars in the process. From conceptualizing your direct mail through design and delivery, we can beat every competitor in Georgia. Furthermore, we don’t keep you separated from the design process. You get to be as hands-on as you’d like.

Operations Planning

We emphasize the very important role that a well-built organization plays in delivering strong campaign results. Local campaigns especially suffer from a surplus of passion and under-invest in the systems needed to transform that energy into results. We work directly with our vendors and yours to ensure they know exactly what is needed. We train you and your staff on the mechanics of data collection, messaging delivery, and every piece of campaign technology we use to get you across the finish line. We epitomize the belief of W. Edward Deming: if you cannot describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.

Grassroots Mobilization

Local campaigns live and die by the doors you knock and the calls you make. Statistics demonstrate that the most effective way to earn votes is by asking voters directly. Our expertise in grassroots campaigning is unmatched, and our emphasis on developing sound “production” processes mean the investments you make into your grassroots efforts are truly valuable. Most importantly, we use high-quality data with advance statistical modeling to target voters effectively.

Messaging and Communications

When you’re campaigning, you need to tell a story. Too many times, candidates are told to just say how “conservative” you are or state a resume. It isn’t enough. Voters want to know what you believe in, what motivates you to ask for their vote in the first place. A narrative needs to be created and communicated, and our narrative model is a strong foundation for telling your story.