When changes occur, opportunities present themselves. There are many speculations on what districts we will find ourselves in and what that means. Conservatives should be looking forward to seeing where redistricting will take us. In this article, we will discuss the sixth and seventh districts and what opportunities and challenges we may encounter among the redistricting that will come by the end of this year.

Redistricting is the regular process of adjusting the lines of voting districts in accordance with population shifts. This process happens once every ten years following the decennial census. As mentioned earlier, this presents many challenges and opportunities for republicans and democrats alike. Fair and honest redistricting needs to be a common thought between both parties. Ideally, shifting more conservative counties in the sixth district will force us to unite and come together as one force to once again help our state turn back red.

Currently, Republicans are in charge of the state House and Senate, as well as the governor’s office, said Jeff Gill. The sixth and seventh districts are very influential in every election. Currently, the sixth district contains Fulton, Dekalb and West Cobb. Fulton and Dekalb currently have turned more moderate with Fulton County being more conservative. Overall, the sixth district is leaning more towards the left. Currently, the seventh district consists of Forsyth and Gwinnett. Gwinnett leans towards the left and Forsyth leans more towards the right. Another district that we should be reminded of when considering redistricting is the eleventh. The eleventh district contains Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton, and is mainly conservative. The possibilities are endless when it comes to redistricting in this area.

The goal for conservatives in this upcoming redistricting cycle should be to light a flame in our party. Having a competitive sixth and seventh district will result in a fight – a fight to turn these districts red. This will put us in a situation where conservatives will have to win. Fighting will not only help us win, it will help us come together as a party. As a result, resources will be attained that will help republicans show up and fight during general elections.

As a result, this gives republicans many opportunities to show that they are the party of law, order and integrity. This gives Republicans the opportunity to draw fair, and honest districts. If this happens, it will make us look the opposite of greedy, selfish and unfair. Conservatives need to show what it means to fight for integrity and honesty. Experts note the new maps in the South alone could knock Democrats out of power in the U.S. House next year — and perhaps well beyond. This is definitely a possibility. This is a chance for us to show who our party is made up of and what we are willing to do for a better tomorrow. If fair, and honest redistricting occurs, conservatives will be forced to unite and get up and fight – and this is exactly what our party needs.