Happy New Year! We all emerged from the most infamous year in recent memory with some scars. Whether impacted by COVID, reeling from the loss of the White House, or lamenting a never-ending election season brought on by the Senate and PSC runoffs, it is probably a safe bet that we are all happy to see 2020 go.

Now that 2021 has arrived, we are finally taking the last steps in transitioning to calling ourselves Lesix Media. This was a long process. Even name changes take time to effectively plan and implement. We are happy to make this change, as the name Lesix truly represents our service philosophy. However, the 2g name will be a difficult one to immediately let go.

When 2g started in 2007, the concept of “generational change” was at the center of my mind. The name paid tribute to my father, since I am the second in our name. In terms of what the company provided to clients, we were a new generation of local political consultants. We challenged and rejected the old mentalities of campaigning, choosing to embrace brash upstarts who wanted to change the status quo. We didn’t accept that “the way things have always been done” was a suitable way to campaign. It put the upstarts at a disadvantage. They wouldn’t win playing by rules that were not designed for them to succeed.

When I relocated to Georgia in 2011, I came to a State where I had no roots. Although 2g had gone through some changes in the four intervening years, we returned back to a simple operation that essentially started from zero. As we built a client base and a string of successes, we once again became “big enough” to require the formation of an LLC and the Lesix name was born. We continued to operate under the trade name “2g Strategies” knowing this point was coming.

Lesix comes from a combination of Lean and Six Sigma, which are techniques developed by world-reknowned thinkers and industrialists who always asked the question “How can we do things better?” If you’re interested in reading a bit on the two, this is a quick primer, but what is key for us is how these methods influence our philosophy.

Our philosophy has always been that smart campaigns can control their processes to win. Consultants (and that includes us) don’t know everything and aren’t smarter than you simply because we operate in this cut-throat political environment. Our skill and expertise should never demand you follow our every instruction. Our skill and expertise should supplement your capabilities and help make them better. This is why we work with the clients we do. Our background in Lean and Six Sigma brings a real uniqueness to our model of service, and with our clients, we get more work done to conduct truly value-added campaign activities. Now, our name directly reflects that philosophy.

I will always be proud of the 2g name. We have experienced some tremendous highs, and we have honestly suffered some heartbreaking defeats, all of which make us better at what we do. We have big plans for this year, and we look forward to making you as big a part of those plans as you would like. Drop us a note. Let us know how we can help. We look forward to working with you at Lesix Media!