We offer an unrivaled level of service.
Lesix Media can service every need for your political campaign, and our services only aim to increase the value of your campaign efforts in reaching voters.
Our consulting philosophy is simple - our job is to get you working and increasing value to your organization or campaign.
Direct Mail
We partner with one of the premier political shops in Georgia, and we don't throw on consultant markups that make mail expensive.
Data and Polling
Our ability to create statistically sound data models is second to none for local campaigns in Georgia, offering unmatched sophistication.
Our background in content creation and graphic design ensures you have an opportunity to be hands-on with your designs.
Our delivery platform for all forms of digital advertising doesn't simply "geomatch" your addresses, but individually targets your voters.
We can produce and deliver your advertising needs on every form of medium available, from television commercials to billboards.

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."
W. Edward Deming

Top Notch Service

Compare our services, and find out why working with Lesix Media is the best path to victory in Georgia.
  • Direct Mail
  • Unlike other agencies, you can see every step of your mail being developed and delivered. This gives you unrivaled accessibility, as well as helps to show how we keep prices 20% - 30% lower the competitors.
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  • Connected TV
  • Our ability to match Connected TV users gives local campaigns an opportunity to reach thousands of homes without paying high prices for traditional television markets, and we can run your ads at a fraction of the cost.
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  • Social Media
  • With growing restrictions and requirements on how you can market your campaign on social media, our platform is still able to deliver your ads to the voters that need to see them, allowing for more impactful ads.
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  • SMS Text
  • Our phone matching and scrubbing allows for better cellular phone data, and our SMS platform allows for fully compliant texting to your voter list, and we offer SMS opt-in that can invite voters to join your movement.
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