Consultants should have a core responsibility to care for your campaign from top to bottom. Consultants should be there with you every step of the way. They should be involved in media strategies, data and polling, the creative process, and everywhere in between. Our goal should be to manage processes – not to just invoice services – so everyone who has a stake in the campaign will win. Victory in political campaigns, especially local ones, depends on consultants emphasizing process management to properly control resources, minimize waste, and properly motivate all team members.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the value in the process management. They see the value in increasing revenue, and turning and burning services. According to Maggie Koerth, “decades of research suggest that money probably isn’t the deciding factor.” History repeats itself. People put too much of an emphasis on money raised, when in reality, emphasis should be placed on the ways in which the campaign is run itself. For example, the recent U.S. Senate runoffs raised about $1 billion between the campaigns and independent expenditures. By the end of the 9 week election, they were looking for ways to spend this money. Republicans raised and spent the most money, and ended up losing by narrow margins.

There are many lessons to learn from the Hillary Clinton campaign, as well. She had more money to spend than President Trump, and ended up losing the election because the management of her campaign was embarrassingly poor. Money is important, but it is not what wins campaigns. The key to campaigns is building, managing, and improving processes throughout the various operations.

When President Bill Clinton won,”the demographics and political leanings of the country were strikingly different than they are today” stated Stefan Hankin in Campaigns and Elections. Demographic changes between the early 1990s and mid-2010s meant that campaign management must also have changed with them. The intervening 25 years between the Clinton campaigns brought not only political changes, but technological and economical ones, too. Bill Clinton was at the forefront of full economic globalization — Hillary Clinton was in the discussion of how that helped and hurt people.

Developing correct data allows services to be sent to the correct people. Instead of sending direct mail to anyone and everyone, localised data goes further in elections. Buying a phone system is of little value unless we make sure those using the phone systems are trained. We need to make sure volunteers have one goal in mind – to win this campaign.

Previous Cobb Commission Chairman Mike Boyce is a perfect example of one that pays attention to the process. Mike did not have the monetary resources needed to win an election according to the “experts,” but still he outperformed expectations. He knocked out 30,000 doors and made over 50,000 phone calls. Mike invested his time and energy in his campaign and it showed. Top of the ticket candidates lost Cobb County by 56,000 votes, while Chairman Boyce lost by 24,000, as per In previous elections, Mike Boyce beat two primary opponents having 68% of the vote, while the media suggested it would result in a runoff. This doesn’t even talk about the 2016 race, in which outside groups in the Republican Primary poured $1 million into defeating Boyce, and yet he increased turnout in a primary runoff and won with that same wide margin of victory. Process management is critical.

Lesix Media cares about the process. With resources that no other firm offers, we will see you through every step of the campaign. Our goal is not to turn and burn services, it is to see how far we can get together through available avenues and resources. Our mission is to see you through to the very end.