Currently, we find ourselves in a slow and unmotivated time during this campaign season. Sine Die just occurred, and many candidates have already announced their candidacy, but not much is going on in terms of getting things done. What do we do during this time? Do we fill our days with busy tasks? Do we sit and think about what next project is to come? In this article, we will discuss how to stay motivated during downtime in a campaign.


When work becomes quiet, it can often lead to a dip in your employee’s motivation. That dip in motivation can have a hugely detrimental effect on a business, or a campaign. If that lack of motivation occurs, you may see their inclination to go the extra mile evaporate. This is the time to remind employees, volunteers, and candidates why they started this journey in the first place.


Once tasks begin to start back up again, you will want to be sharp, and ready to take on new challenges. How do we make sure this happens when that time arises? Avoid looking for things to do – instead analyze what things seem to be working. Analyze what each of your team members strengths and weaknesses are.


The goal during this downtime is to stay sharp. Don’t overlook potential danger and don’t become complacent. Oftentimes, complacency comes after some success, and people feel comfortable and confident enough to stop trying so hard.  As a result, complacency can keep you from being successful in the future because striving for bigger and better things seems almost impossible. Ways to avoid complacency are to recognize it, focus on the victories, and keep your purpose clear and in the forefront of your mind. Always remember that campaigns are lost, when vision is lost.


Losing focus is probably one of the worst things for your campaign. Research has found that capturing every-day small wins can enhance a worker’s motivation and positively influence an entire workforce’s performance! It is very important for team members to celebrate the small victories – no matter how small. Focus on the good and become motivated in the process.

Another way to not lose focus is to get out and network. Build your team. Find the people that will support you and your campaign to the end. Continue to build relationships – you never know when you will need help.


Lastly, don’t search for things to do. Each and every move regarding your campaign should be with intention and should build up your campaign. Don’t just “keep busy”. Some of these tasks can waste your time and energy for nothing. Be motivated and intentional. Even though it does not seem like it, what you do during this downtime is critical in determining the outcome of your campaign. Remember why you started this process in the first place. Be sharp and intentional. Don’t become complacent, but stay focused. Keep building relationships. In the end the campaign, volunteers, and candidate will thank you for it.