We love local campaigns! We are well situated to serve clients that look to influence local government at all levels here in Georgia and beyond! We put a firm limit on the number of general consulting clients we take each election cycle, so you get the attention needed and deserved. We also don’t look to fit you into cookie cutter strategies with generic messaging. We look to give our clients the same level of service expected of campaigns running for federal office.


Running for office is a difficult endeavor, even if you’re running for a local seat that only has a few thousand voters. You still need to organize, purchase materials, maintain a strong online presence, and run your campaign as if it was a small business operation. We are built to help our local candidates! No matter how small the race, we can help you win – because no race is “small” when your name is on the ballot.

Party Organizations

Supporting a slate of candidates during elections is a difficult endeavor. Our method of strategic planning helps to build a comprehensive strategy for your party organization in order to support your entire ticket up and down the ballot. We help you build better expectations for your candidates, as well as deliver consistent results to support their individual efforts.

PACs and IEs

Often times, PACs believe that simply spending money will have an influence on an election. It is often more than that. We help PACs and IE groups to effectively target their budgets to help a wide array of candidates, and we certainly ensure your dedicated campaign dollars are not spent lining our pockets. We put your dollars to use targeting voters.

Small Businesses and Non-Profits

In our communities, local organizations have a strong influence on their character and strength. We are here to help those local small businesses and non-profit organization that look to make a bigger impact. From operations planning to marketing strategies, we can help with everything to ensure that you provide a strong influence to the place you call home.